Engine: Unity 3D
Language: C#
Available At:

VarDebug is a visual debugging tool for the Unity 3D engine. The tool is used to debug values of variables at runtime in the scene view. Each variable is displayed with a given label and the current value in the scene view. This means that instead of outputting the value of the variable to the console on a new line each frame, this tool simply updates the value instead. While this does mean that you cannot see a history of the values it does make it a lot easier to monitor the change in value over time.

This tool is particularly effective when balancing values for gameplay. Instead of having to watch a constantly scrolling list of values (not to mention the difficulty if multiple values are being debugged at the same time) the designer can simply monitor the values as they are right at that moment. Furthermore break values can be supplied to the VarDebug.Debug call in order to pause the editor if the value falls above/below/wihtin/outside a given break point.

Future plans include a log of the values with timestamps in order to facilitate frame by frame comparison of values.