Hierarchy Search

Engine: Unity 3D
Language: C#
Available At: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hqdmbd043vpwbc9/HierarchySearch.unitypackage?dl=0

Hierarchy Search is a tool meant for locating specific game objects and components within a hierarchy of game objects. In contrast to the default search functionality of Unity this editor tool takes a root game object and confines the search to the hierarchy of that object and its children. Furthermore the tool is extendable and allows for exposure of variables of specific components in order to allow for multiple component editing from the same window.

An example of use would be the following: Consider a player character prefab. These can quickly come to encompass a wide range of different game objects and components. And instead of having to remember where each of the individual scripts are located, they can instead be found with a single search. Furthermore the exposure of values allows designers to balance the weighting of all the rigidbodies from a single window instead of having to switch between different game objects.