My Role: Level Design
Development time: 48 hours (Nordic Game Jam 2011)
Available At:
Platform: Win Build
Input: Keyboard
Recommended Players: 2
Engine: Custom Java

Trapped in the dark, no way out. Why are you here? What is your function? Did your makers abandon you here for a reason? Journey through a robots existential crisis as it comes to terms with its existence.

Luminotics is a two player co-operative game in which the players must take turn to respectively navigate a maze and keep the light going. One player takes control of the robot, while another collects light globes to keep the robot going. If the light dies out so does spark in the robot, and thus the game.

Development Team:
Roman Graebsch – Project Management and game design
???? – Game design
Magnus Sonne Nielsen – Level design
Ylva Sundstr̦m Р2D art
Anders – Audio
Jannek Egeskov Kristensen – Programming