Sheep: HurrDurr

My Role: Game Design and Programming
Development time: 5 Days (#Hytten 2015)
Available At:
Platform: Unity Web Player
Input: Mouse
Engine: Unity 3D

Your flock is in disarray they need a leader, someone to guide them to safety, they need.. a hurrdurr! Gather your flock and lead them safely across the floating islands. But be careful, their journey will not be without dangers, for both hay bales and stompers are out for your squishy little cuboid sheep.

Sheep: HurrDurr is a game played solely with the mouse. By clicking on the ground the player directs their tiny flock of sheep through increasingly difficult levels. Upon completing a level the player is scored by the percentage of sheep saved out of all the available sheep on the map.

Being designed with smartphone combatibility in mind, the game relies on a very simple interaction model. The player move the sheep around by clicking on the ground and moves the camera by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen. Thus the game is designed to be simple and accessible.

Development Team:
Magnus Sonne Nielsen – Game design and programming
Gian Dbeis – Voxel art and level design
Andreas Lagerstedt – Audio and music