Worst Platformer Ever

My Role: Game and Level Design
Development time: 48 hours (Global Game Jam 2015 – Copenhagen)
Available At: http://www.kongregate.com/games/stalhandske/worst-platformer-ever
Platform: Unity Web Player
Input: Keyboard / x360 Controller
Engine: Unity 3D
Awards: Audience Award – GGJ 2015

An homage to all the bad platformers that have ruined our lives over the years. The aptly named “worst platformer ever” pays tribute to all the bad game mechanics and frustrating situations that have cropped up in platformers from time to time. Take a trip down memory lane.. or throw your computer out the window. Your choice.

Worst platformer ever plays as a regular platformer. The player has to run, jump and dash their way to the end of each level. The game features 6 levels that are played 3 times each. Each time the game starts over, however, the game mechanics degenerate and become increasingly frustrating. These frustrations include (but are not limited to):

  • Random toggling between walking and running
  • Double jump sometimes being a single jump, sometimes a tripple jump
  • Random dashes when trying to move
  • Increased sliding upon landing on a platform
  • Random input delay

The game was featured in an article in Play Ception (Danish) as well as Nordic Game Bits.

Development Team:
Magnus Sonne Nielsen – Game and level design
Simon St̴lhandske РProgramming and audio
Miki Anthony – Pixel art